Rooftop HVAC Systems in Brooklyn, NY

Rooftop HVAC Systems in Brooklyn, NY

Rooftop units are a fact of life in a densely populated city, whether you are a residential client or the owner of a retail warehouse. All Tech Mechanical Heating & Cooling LLC is the smart choice for anyone with a rooftop HVAC system in Brooklyn, NY.

We offer a full suite of services for anyone considering installing or replacing an HVAC unit in a rooftop configuration. Our team separates us from the competition through diversity in skills. Our team includes specialists from a number of trades, so we are capable of tearing down your existing unit and providing you with a rebuild.

Older buildings have outdated connections to the unit and the utilities serving your location. When you decide to make a change, you will likely need a group capable of custom fabrication, including the installation of steel dunnage. Once your system is in place, you need a partner with the resource and reach to keep it clean.

Access and Attention to Detail

Rooftop Air Conditioning Package UnitsA client with an HVAC apparatus on their rooftop needs a technician with skills and a ladder. Our service van comes prepared with an extension ladder for quick access. The technicians arrive with decades of experience as well, so they know what to look for while they are up on the roof. For existing clients, our technician can offer chemical cleaning and power washing whenever needed.

Rooftop Air Conditioning Package Units

An HVAC unit for rooftop installation is all-inclusive. It contains all of the coils and components needed to remove heat from the air. Making the connection to the interior involves the installation of customized economizers and rooftop curb adapters for larger units. Choose our licensed HVAC company for any rooftop AC unit installation, and get the job done right the first time.